Somatic Experiencing® for trauma resolution




This is a method that was founded by Dr Peter Levine is one of the best methods for trauma healing through body awareness. Somatic experiencing® invites the person in need of trauma healing to connect with the present moment through bodily sensations, at the same time to remain connected with the supportive system in the environment, connect with the ancestral energy within, and eventually to connect with the person who is holding the space for the healing to happen. When one remains present in the moment of now, and in the body, the stuck traumatic energy is gradually liberated and there is a sense of wellness that brings new meaning to life.


Family Constellations System Therapy

Family Constellations System Therapy (FCST) is a new therapeutic and phenomenological approach that looks at problems with a systemic view. Which means, in resolving conflicts we ought to look at the existence systems where the conflict occurred, and this might be family, organizations, corporations, community etc. In this therapy/dynamic, we look at the system as an inseparable whole, and seeks solutions through the movements of the soul/spirit, as a living and active being.  This therapy or dynamic is an effective and efficient, where it has the potential to get to the root of a problem in a relatively short period of time. It works through representatives who are driven by the energy field of the system. In the FCST process, participants of the moment of the dynamic are connected to a deeper layer of the mind that is not always accessible. In the FCST process, we become aware that we are all one as an integral part of the entire universe. Bert Hellinger, the founder of FCST, calls this phenomenon of a deeper connectivity “the soul”, which guides the representatives and the facilitator to the necessary solution. It’s an efficient way to bypass the surface layers of our minds, where desires, attitudes and beliefs are generated.

Healing Trauma through Bodily Awareness and Ancestral Resources.

Healing Trauma through Bodily Awareness and Ancestral Resources.

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