Is there any age limit in Healing trauma?

We heal trauma with people from zero age to 100 years old and beyond. The important factors for healing these Kinds of Traumas are;-  Clarity of the intention, presence, connection, support, safety, and plenty of resources

Note: In working with children, we take shorter amount of time, and we make sure to bring ourselves to the level where the child is. Use the language that the child can understand.  Read more from the blog.

Call or text to book for individual sessions either in person or online.
  1. Individual sessions in Portuguese for Trauma healing –  Instagram @afyaorg; phone/WhatsApp +55 83 98736 0188
  2. Individual Sessions in English ; phone /WhatsApp + 55 83 987882441

Reach out for any of the following Trauma healing.

Transgenerational trauma

Transgenerational trauma is a reaction from an impact of the traumatic event(s) that is transmitted from earlier generations to later generations. Such impact can show itself in emotional behavior, physical (pain, discomfort, and other illnesses), or  social/cultural adaptation and customs.

Collective trauma

These are types of traumas that affect society in general. The examples are: Forced Migration, Slavery, Lynching, Wars, Political Upheaval, pandemic situations, and natural and human cause disasters.

Emotional/relational trauma

Emotions are our guide showing us how to live better with ourselves, others, and nature. Through the Somatic Experiencing® method, we can create a space for our emotions to contain them, by simply feeling the bodily sensations beneath the emotion.


Systemic trauma

This is a pervasive trauma caused by the practices that are implemented by organizations, institutions, communities, and cultural aspects.  The harmful practices are done sometimes as a strategy to maintain power in the hands of those who gain benefits. These procedures can cause physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual traumas to the individual or groups of those who are on the peripheries of the systems.

Child Trauma (Developmental & Attachment trauma)

This category of trauma occurs when children were exposed to the stressful situation in a continuum period during their stages of development.  These situations include continued physical and sexual abuse, family conflicts, abusive rituals, neglect (physical and/or emotional) .

Social trauma

This category of trauma is caused by the current situations where the individual lives Such as: Unemployment, poverty, shaming, bulling in schools, all forms of discrimination including racism, urban violence, and all forms of war.

Trauma Healing

through body awareness and transgenerational resources

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Afya Women’s Holistic Center, R. Est. Daniel Lima de Barros, 105 – Alto do Mateus, João Pessoa – PB, 58090-209ss


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Healing Trauma through Bodily Awareness and Ancestral Resources.

Healing Trauma through Bodily Awareness and Ancestral Resources.

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